Our model is simple: Children + Cartoons + Education = Change

Animated Short Films

Our animated short films will introduce the public to concepts, ideas, and educational material that will be the basis for future documentary films. The animated shorts, released online and through other educational channels, will serve to familiarize the public with the messaging and educational concepts surrounding specific environmental topics. So when a feature-length documentary is released, the public has familiarity with, and is more receptive to the advanced concepts and ideas presented in the documentaries. The animated shorts will also promote interest in Rebel Earth as a whole, driving traffic to our online educational programs, promoting our Mission, and creating a “buzz” about upcoming documentary releases.

Documentary Feature Films

Our films will be animated and live action educational documentaries that show people the impact their lives have upon our environment. Think the Muppets meets the Discovery Channel. Our goal is do this in an entertaining and light-hearted manner that “maps out” the actions we can take on a daily basis that have positive effects on the earth and its inhabitants.

The films will cover a wide variety of educational issues from the science of pollution to the effects of our purchasing decisions on habitat loss and the health of our families. Each film will be focused on a single theme such as the oceans or endangered habitats, will include high quality HD nature footage, will highlight those individuals and organizations that have chosen healthier, more connected means of existing, and will be organized around educational, humorous, and reoccurring animated characters. Seeking to educate and inspire, we will popularize the idea of environmental education as entertainment. These will not be the sad, droning, or depressing environmental documentaries we are used to seeing, but films that will educate, make you laugh, leave you feeling empowered, and most importantly – films that will inspire a culture of healthier and more connected living.

Supplemental Educational Programs

Rebel Earth will accompany each film with online educational programs designed to promote each film’s topic beyond the scope of the film. The programs will be designed to provide further insight into each topic and will include: classroom educational guides on the specific topic, additional resources for further education, “what can I do personally?” guides, expert opinions and blogs, taped speaker series on the topic, online video classes ,power point presentations, and games & puzzles.