Our Vision

We have a simple formula:

Children + Cartoons + Education = Change

Assuming that we are creative enough to entertain children so much that they want to watch our films over and over, and assuming that we can infuse our films with educational messaging and lessons that can empower and foster change; what kind of messaging and education do we want to provide?

At the most basic level, we want to teach children that their actions can, and do, have a great impact on our environment and on all the plants and animals that share our home.  We want them to notice the deep interconnectedness of all things, and the relationship of that connection to their own health and happiness.

But most importantly we want to teach them to ask questions.  We want them to believe that they can make a difference to our natural environment and we believe that the first step is by teaching them to ask questions.  Questions about why things are the way they are.  Questions about why we don’t change. And questions about what it would take to change.

So all of our films will use questions as a basis for discovery, education, and inspiration.  From here we hope that the next generation of leaders will grow up with these questions in their heads and take positive action based upon the lessons and empowerment gained from our films.  Some of the questions we will address will sound something like this:

Why do we buy products with harmful packaging that gets thrown away almost immediately?

Why are corporations allowed to dump industrial waste into our oceans and waterways?

What if corporations were incentivized to care as much about their environmental impact as they do about their quarterly earnings?

What if, instead of small pockets of nature existing among the masses of humanity, it was the other way around?

What if people saw plants and animals, not as resources to be exploited for profit and gain, but as spiritual components of a greater whole?

Some pretty compelling questions.

And we feel that if we get these questions into the right minds, there is no telling the amount of change we can create.  Our vision is simple.  We want to encourage a generation to ask questions about our relationship with our environment.

We see a whole generation of children growing up with these questions in their heads, and actually applying these questions and concepts to their lives, corporations, and communities when they became the next generation of leaders in our country.  We see children empowered enough to challenge accepted environmental convention, and brave enough to turn these simple questions into reality.

And that’s why we believe in our equation:

Children + Cartoons + Education = Change

Bret Babos, President