Trash Fairy: Final Character Models

Category: Pre-Production Artwork


So by removing Joe’s strong jaw-line and giving him an overbite we were able to achieve the “simple minded” look we were after.  His stylized legs and arms will allow the animator to take liberty with the character model during the animation stages. A process that doesn’t tie the animator to a structured character model, but allows him/her to be able to take creative and humorous liberties as needed from shot to shot.

The Designer nailed the Trash Fairy model from the start and we made very few changes to the model.  We changed his hard hat from the original sketches, and the Designer felt that his uni-brow look would be too harsh looking in every shot so he created other poses that showed a range of emotions that would contrast the uni-brow scowl.

The very last shot in this section is a composition of the two models.  The only inaccuracy is the size comparison of the two characters. The Trash Fairy, as is the case with most fairies, will be considerably smaller than Joe.  But for presentation purposes, the Fairy was hard to see when he was shrunk down to his normal size, so the Designer opted to show the bigger version in this particular composition.

And finally, we added the characters to the chalky colored backgrounds and added stylized lettering to their Final Character Poses, feeling this would nail the 50’s look we were after.  It worked, but much better than we thought and became the basis for the Art Direction and Background styling for the entire cartoon.  See the next section entitled Art Direction for details