One Hour Trash Video

Category: Films


This short film was created by a group of students at Pratt Institute’s Arts and Cultural Management program. The purpose of the film was to begin to explore Rebel Earth’s concepts and teachings in a live-action format before the first animated film was completed.  As the animation process can be a lengthy one, we wanted to see how a group of outsiders might interpret our messaging given only a rough outline, and see how fast they could create some engaging content.  This entire production took them only about two weeks.  The resulting film has brought up discussions about possibly including guest film makers and artists in our educational film production process.  Basically giving a film maker an idea, or an educational theme, and letting them run with it.  As we obviously need to heavily brand the look and feel of all of our productions, we are currently exploring ways to include other film makers, and at the same time keep a distinctive look and feel to all of Rebel Earth’s films.